The Only Research Program In Canada To Address Problems Associated With Dialysis Membranes To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Kidney Failure Patients

Discover Our Mission Towards Helping Dialysis Patients

Abdelrasoul’s short-term aim is to reduce patient side effects and increase their quality of life. Her team is currently engaging and collaborating with patients, empowering them to contribute to her research program and affect the quality of life of hemodialysis patients in Canada and around the world. Her long-term goal is to design an artificial wearable kidney based on a membrane with greatly improved performance compared to those in use in hospitals today.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary research team is working in collaboration with St. Paul’s Hospital, Synchrotron Canadian Light Source (CLS), and Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR).

Our Research Program

A highly innovative approach that builds on the latest methods and techniques available at the University of Saskatchewan and Canadian Light Source (CLS). It will lead to real and critical change in dialysis practice in Canada and globally and will increase the quality of life and the survival of the millions of people who suffer from kidney failure.

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Patient-Oriented Research: Giving Patients a Voice

We are taking a patient-centered approach in our research to emphasize the lived experiences of patients. We aim to involve, collaborate with, and empower dialysis patients.

Patient Partner

Establish research partnership and co-build research questions, share your life experiences to help other patients and improve our research towards patient outcomes

Participate In A Study

Share your views to help improve our research towards patient outcomes, or help researchers gain a better understanding of the challenges of living with kidney disease and dialysis


Use your skills and your talents to help others while exploring opportunities for personal growth in a respectful and supportive environment

Increasing Awareness

Raising Awareness About The Importance Of Our Kidneys, How They Work, As Well As Chronic Kidney Disease, And How It Progresses To Make Lifestyle Choices That Benefits Everyone’s Health

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